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Ramp plans - Building wheel chair ramps with blueprints

One approach to putting in a wheelchair ramp is to build your own. There are disability service contractors available though out the country, who can help you to construct a wooden ramp, and this service is available online. Another alternative is to access ramp plans online from www.wheelchairramp.org. This site, through Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, publishes modular ramp plan blueprints for manual and power chair use.

Wheelchair Ramps Available on Amazon

EZ-Ramps, Harmar, Prarie View, Suitcase, Threshold, Roll-up, Van and Solid Portable

Prices start at $69.99

Blueprints for planning and constructing modular ramps

What can you get by planning your own ramp versus buying a ramp that will only require simple assembly construction? First of all, you get wood vs. the typical aluminum ramp; and while both choices have there strengths, a wood incline ramp with railing blends in well aesthetically to many home entrances and landscapes.

If you decide to hire a builder or carpenter on your own, be sure that you provide him with guidelines for ramp construction: the plans! You want to make sure that the handicap ramp construction is both safe and usable for you.

Some basic planning considerations:
Are codes and permits necessary to build a ramp? Check with your building code office in your community. Build the proper width ramp for your wheelchair.

Accessible Home Design: Architectural Solutions for the Wheelchair User (Paperback)

Accessible home projects have always involved intricate planning and design, but their construction is often compromised because builders are unfamiliar with the specialized concepts and techniques. The need for expert information on this area of design is critical, and in response, PVA offers this revised and expanded second edition of Accessible Home Design.


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