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Ameriglide Stair Lifts - Affordable!

Ameriglide makes some of the least expensive stair lifts on the market, and offers the consumer a number of standard chair choices.

Ameriglide manufactures the following types of lifts, listed below. (Note:These are designed for simple installation and straight stairways. Also, these and other Ameriglide stair lifts come only with the option to sit, not stand or perch):

  • (1) Heavy duty - Weight capacity 500 pounds
  • (2) Battery operated - good warranty, less repair prone
  • (3) Electrically operated - good warranty, less repair prone
  • (4) Ultra Line - prone to repairs

Ameriglide also makes stairlifts for curved staircases and also has a model for outdoor lifts.

Battery operated stairlift

These lifts are operated with cable drive and are battery powered. There are several advantages to purchasing a battery powered stair lift, one important one includes, that the lift is not dependent on an electric power supply in case of a power failure. Cost for a battery operated chair vs one that is electrically run? Negligable; around $100 more. Another nice feature is that battery operated stair lifts tend to run more smoothly and tend to be quieter. This also, however, depends upon the drive type; and in this case, it is cable, which can be noisy. It is important to note that "cable drive" is not state of the art technology. A "housed" rack and pinon system, in fact, offers greater benefits, including being quieter and less greasy/messy.

Ultra Stair lift (offers both battery and electric)

Even though the slim design looks appealing and it is rack and pinon (exposed), there are kinks to this line that a company representative said causes it to be repair prone. Also, the ultra stair lift, according to an Ameriglide representative requires more maintenance including weekly greasing of the gears.

Ameriglide's Electric Stair lift

Comparable in warranty, parts and quality to Ameriglide's battery operated stairlift, the only difference is that this one runs on electricity. This is fine if the user can walk upstairs or downstairs in the event of a power outage. If the user has mobilty issues than it is safer to select a battery operated lift. (Plugs into an outlet)

Heavy Duty Stair Lift

Ameriglide's heavy duty stairlift can accomodate an individual up to 500 pounds. However, take into consideration the warranty on this one which is 2-years for motor (drive train) and parts. Not great! (Plugs into an outlet)


Ameriglide offers a number of stair lift options, and the budget-driven consumer might find this manufacturer to be a good fit. However, keep in mind that there are a number of other manufacturers to compare. To do so, besides price shop for: a good warranty, a model that is not repair prone, a model that is low maintenance, a model that uses state of the art technology for safety and funcion.


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