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Wheelchair rental - What options exist?

Due to the reimbursement restrictions from Medicare when it comes to buying a standard/manual wheelchair you might want to begin the process first by renting a wheelchair from a dealer. While this process may seem unusual, the wheelchair rental dealer should be able to fill you in on the process.

How it works is that you are required to rent the wheel chair for 15 months from a local dealer and after 15 months of wheelchair renting, pay a small fee to the dealer at which time you will own the chair. How much you get reimbursed by Medicare for renting will depend upon your situation.

However, another option exists and that is to buy an inexpensive transport or standard chair yourself and own it outright. While renting a wheel chair is a fine option, for some, buying an affordable chair outright is far more convenient. If you are interested take a look online, comparison shop. Standard and lightweight wheelchairs by Invacare and Guardian start at $135 to $150.

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