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Wheelchair Ramps - All about Portable Wheelchair Ramps

From portable to permanent, there are many types of wheelchair ramps available today designed to help you gain greater accessibilty. Of the two, portable wheelchair ramps, (and there are many kinds) are especially useful. These ramps provide access where you need it and enable you to travel safely and with ease.

Uses for portable wheelchair ramps include: 1) van access and 2) the ability to navigate sidewalks and climb stairs. Wheelchair ramps can also be usefully-used around the home, especially for those awkward locations like doorway jams and sliding glass doors.

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Many portable ramps are designed for easy carrying and transportation. Fold-up suitcase ramps in particular are designed to be lightweight and portable. These aluminum ramps can weigh as little as 16 to 20 pounds and hold as much as 700 pounds. And, they have handy designs that make them very portable. For safety, wheelchair ramps are designed with non-skid surfaces.

Portable wheelchair ramps: For Van USE

If you have a new or used van with with a lowered floor conversion and electrically controlled ramp you may not need to buy a portable wheelchair ramp. However, if you don't have a ramp within and need one for wheelchair or scooter access, take a look at aluminum van ramps by manufacturers such as: Harmar, E-Z Access and Prarie View. These companies have ramps designed for your needs and offer several different types.

  • Harmar makes a van ramp with a hitch access
  • EZ-Access makes different length track ramps.
  • Prarie View makes van ramps specifically designed for either rear or side entry.

How are portable wheelchair van ramps designed?

  • Designed to be lightweight and portable
  • Are very strong with a capacity to hold up to 600 pounds.
  • Made in Platform or track style
  • Many kinds can be folded into sections when not in use

Note: Certain ones can also be used to access landing areas with steep elevation changes.

Wheelchair ramps for home and travel

Whether you are traveling about your house, town, or going to the office, a sturdy portable ramp will keep you moving more smoothly. Here are some useful types:

  • Roll up - designed to roll-up for easy carrying. These ramps includes a storage bag
  • Scooter - these ramps have side rails and a center panel that slides easily into place, locking securely to provide a solid drive surface
  • Suitcase - (Folding ramp!) These popular ramps are convenient and compact and easy to transport. They fold in half (lengthwise), include a built-in carrying handle and can be carried like a suitcase.
  • Telescopic channel - these ramps extend and are useful on steps, vans, or curbs. For storage, simply pick up each rail and depress the guide buttons to collapse; this ramp offers the lightest weight and most compact storage
  • Threshold - these ramps are designed for easy access within your home. They are perfect for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings.
  • Ramp plans - modular blueprint designs that are easy to build

The Accessible Home: Updating Your Home for Changing Physical Needs

This book is packed with practical information for homeowners who want to do their own work in adapting their existing homes for the comfort, convenience, and safety of those with various kinds and degrees of physical disability. The how-to instructions are clearly written and well illustrated.

Accessible Home Design: Architectural Solutions for the Wheelchair User (Paperback)

Accessible home projects have always involved intricate planning and design, but their construction is often compromised because builders are unfamiliar with the specialized concepts and techniques. The need for expert information on this area of design is critical, and in response, PVA offers this revised and expanded second edition of Accessible Home Design.

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