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Wheelchair Batteries - Gel, AK or Wet Battery

A wheelchair battery is an essential component to the functioning of an electric wheelchair. Two favored choices are: gel and AK, wheelchair batteries. However, there is another type, a wet battery, and this one also deserves consideration. To learn more about electric wheelchair batteries, review the following choices.

Wheelchair Batteries - Which to Buy:

The wet battery - This type of battery will require distilled water, added about once every two months. It is important to note that this type of battery can be permanently damaged if the water level drops below the level of the battery plates. Also, adding water can prove to be a difficult task as it may require a second person to assist. Note: This type of battery is heavy and also hard to reach on the wheelchair.

The gel battery - Does not require any water additions and will operate in any position. It is also user friendly around people and sensitive equipment. However, the gel battery will not typically last as long as a wet battery, (they have 10% to 20% less capacity).

AK wheelchair batteries - Are also high-up the list for good performance.

Wheelchair Battery Replacement:

Before purchasing a replacement battery for your wheelchair, learn more about the advantage/ disadvantages offered.

Many wheelchair battery merchants offer a guide to selecting the right wheelchair battery.

When looking for a replacement, it will help to know what the original type of battery was.


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