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Creating Wheelchair Access In Your Home

There are many ways to create wheelchair access in your home. The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it a requirement for businesses to have wheelchair accessible entrances so why not make your home this way, too. There are several projects you can do to create wheelchair and mobility scooter access indoors and outdoors.


There are several simple steps one can take indoors to improve a wheelchair users' access. All doorknobs should be changed to lever handles. Then, attach a long string to each of these levers so the wheelchair passenger can close the door behind them. You can also move furniture to allow a minimum 32" clear passage space.

Portable ramps can be fitted over any ridges or differences of height between rooms. These ramps are inexpensive and easy to install.

There are other more complex indoor projects that allow for access for wheelchairs. These include changing the toilet to a handicap toilet, installing a water powered tub seat, putting in grab bars in the bathroom and widening doorways to 32".


To make the outdoors wheelchair accessible, here are a few of the many things you can do. Two simple steps to make your outdoors instantly wheelchair friendly are 1: installing an entrance ramp (this should be no more than a 1 to 12 degree gradient). And 2: transform all gravel paths to concrete paths. These are much easier for a power chair or wheelchair to maneuver around.

Making your home wheelchair accessible is easier then you may think. By taking these simple steps, you will have created instant wheelchair access in your home. Keep in mind that these changes allow disabled visitors to enter and get around your house. They also add to the resale value of your home.

For more information see: portable wheelchair ramps, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts.

About the Author:

Kathryn Scott is a contributing author to http://www.wheelchair-ramps-and-mobility-aids.com a comprehensive guide to the mobility products available online, helping you to overcome disabilities and live a more active life.


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