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Wheel Chair Lifts - Lifting Options In and Out of the Home

There are several kinds of lifting devices available and the technology has helped to make independent living more accessible. Some wheel chair lifts are designed for home and commercial use, while others are specifically made for automobile and van usage. The advantage to using one of the many types of lifts is that it can provide accessibility and smooth transitions to and from various locations. Whether it is a lifting device designed to transport you and your wheel chair upstairs, or a lift, that hoists your scooter/wheelchair to carry outside your vehicle, wheel chair lift equipment can keep you moving!

Important Lifting Products Available:

(1) Home use

  • vertical lift - Designed to transport you in your wheelchair vertically, taking you conveniently upstairs so that you can enjoy mobility within your home. Platform lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are typically composed of a runway aluminum enclosure tailored to the vertical dimensions of your application. Safety features include: constant pressure control buttons, handrails, emergency/alarm buttons and anti-slip flooring.

(2) Home, commercial, offices

    Incline Platform Lifts - Allow for wheel chair transport up one or multi-level stairways.

  • power incline - Great for home or office, travel up stairs or to a porch.
  • manual incline - Here is an economical alternative that can be used commercially in the right situation. An example is Mobilift CX, which facilitates disabled access over stairs, to stages and bleachers. This lift requires no need for a power connection or batteries.

(3) For vehicle use

  • wheelchair auto lift - For vehicle travel, a lift enables your wheelchair or scooter to be conveniently hoisted and transported: You can carry it fully assembled outside the car's rear, or lifted within the SUV, car, or truck trunk. Brands to consider: Harmar Products, Silver Star, Burr and Pride.

  • van handicap lift - A platform lift designed for van use which allows you to drive your power chair directly inside the van or out. Brands to consider: Clearway, Innovator, Klearvue, Reliant and Unilite by Rincon; and UVL and Vangater by The Braun Corporation.

Looking to Buy Online?

Buy Scooter Lifts and Ramps for Less at SpinLife.com

If you are looking to buy a vehicle lift for your scooter or wheel chair you will love this mobility merchant. They carry the best brands, Pride, E-Z Carrier, Harmar, Tilt-A Rack Mobility, Pioneer and prices start at $349. Free Shipping on all orders over $50.


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