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Suitcase wheelchair ramp - Online shopping!

If you are looking to buy a suitcase wheelchair ramp online, you will want to compare all of the aluminum suitcase style wheelchair ramps available. Take a look at EZ Access, Handi Ramp and Harmar. If you are shopping for price and quality, portable suitcase ramps online often come with free shipping, as many of the bigger mobility merchants offer shipping at no cost on products costing more than $50.

Suitcase wheelchair ramps - why buy?

Suitcase ramps combine portability, durability and convenience. If you are looking for a portable aluminum ramp to take with you, and store in the trunk or your car or inside your van for accessing sidewalks, stairs and such, a suitcase wheelchair ramp is for you.
The suitcase feature allows for convenient travel in an easy to carry suitcase with handle.

As far as durability goes, lightweight aluminum ramps can support 600 to 700 pounds. For safety, look for a wheelchair ramp that features a durable, non-skid driving surface and safety edge to prevent accidentally rolling off the side.

Prices for suitcase style wheelchair ramps start at over $100 for shorter lengths and are a few hundred dollars for larger lengths, 5' to 6.'

For more information about portable ramps, please click on the link.

About the Author:

Nicole Martins is a contributing author and publisher to http://www.wheelchair-ramps-and-mobility-aids.com a comprehensive guide to the mobility products available online, helping you to overcome disabilities and live a more active life.


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