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Stair Lifts - Maintain your Independence!

If you or someone that you know wants to continue living in the house, but is disabled or no longer able to climb stairs - stair lifts are a great solution. You will find that in researching stair lifts, a number of companies specialize in this niche. This is true for Acorn, and a number of other quality manufacturers.



Types of Stair Lifts:

Basically, no matter what type of staircase you have, a lift can be installed to accomodate you.

People have stair lifts added to outdoor stairways as well as indoor staircases. Typically the least expensive stair lifts tend to be those that are straight staircases where a rail is cut to fit the length of your stairs.

For curved staircases with tight turns, things are a bit more tricky but a number of companies specialize in this area. To review, here are several types and locations for lifts:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Curved
  • Straight
  • Buy - new/used

Looking to Buy a Stair Lift?

Here are the leading manufacturers:

View a short video on stairlifts

Each one of the above stair lift manufacturers offers a stair lift systems. However, to choose one company over the other, consider whether the following applies:

  • Do they Make a Stair Lift to Fit your Stairs?
  • Does it Fit your Budget?
  • Does it Meet your Expectations and Have Quality Features and Options?
  • Does it offer a Good Warranty Policy?
  • Is it Low Maintenance?
  • Is this Lift Repair Prone?

Stair Lift Costs:

  • For an easy to install lift system (straight stairways) that requires simple handyman installation $$
  • A customized stair lift (eg: curved stair lifts) $$$
  • Used stairway lift $

Note: If your stair passageway is straight and indoors, there are many lifts available. For narrow stair passages or stairs with many curves, choices will be fewer and more expensive, but options do exist.


Will Medicare Reimburse you?

As far as price is concerned, Medicare will only reimburse you for the "lift mechanism" and "motor": this usually comes to be about $300.

If you, or someone that you know is on a limited budget, take a look at Ameriglide. Online, this is one of the most popual stair lifts sold and costs just under $2,000. You can purchase a rail length up to 16.' However, if this is more than you can afford, consider buying a used stair lift. (See related articles below)

Questions to Consider Before Buying

  • Do you Prefer a battery operated or electric lift?
    Note: People unable to walk down stairs in the event of an emergency (like a power failure), should buy a battery powered chair lift. Why? If battery operated, stair lift will have station charging to keep your battery fully charged.
  • Do you need top and bottom swivel chair options? (All seats swivel at the top, but, not the bottom).
  • Do you need a wide seat larger than the standard 18"?
  • Do you require a perch seat?
  • Do you need a key switch to lock? (This is an important safety feature if you have young children around).

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