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Risedale Classic Wing Lift Chair

Risedale Classic Wing Lift Chair manufactured by Uplift Technologies.com is the perfect, discrete lift chair for a formal living room. Its' beauty will easily blend-in to the room's décor. The design is slim featured, as wing chairs are. The Risedale is different than a typical lift chair in that the chair is not designed to recline. What does it do: it has an uplifting seat cushion that lifts the sitter to the standing position.

Risedale Lift Chair - available on Amazon

Superior Comfort and Back Support
Only the seat lifts

Priced from: $432

"Free Shipping!"


The Risedale Lift Chair is the perfect lifting chair for small spaces where a slim alternative to the larger styled lift chair is desired. Risedale is not a recliner though; but you can buy one of their matching ottomans separately.

About: To help lift to the standing position an uplift seat cushion does the work. Weigh capacity is 300 pounds. See: Uplift Technologies Home Page for more information.


  • Chair weighs only 64 pounds and can be easily moved
  • Risedale is trim, and fits into cozy places like around the fireplace
  • Doesn't look like medical equipment; is beautifully designed to blend in
  • Beautiful brocade upholstered fabric in colors: Cabernet, Midnight Blue, Sand or Spruce

How it works:

The Risedale lift chair features a patented device called "LeveLift". This is a flexible seat designed to move up and down on a level lifting plane. This means that, while using the chair, you stay safely seated on a level surface through all lifting stages (there is none of the dumping action of other lift chairs.)

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