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Pride Mobility Scooters - Go-Go Travel plus 3 and 4-wheel scooters

If you look around you'll find that Pride mobility scooters are everywhere. Why? Because Pride is the leading manufacturer of mobility scooters and there are so many kinds and models to choose from. One of Pride's best selling lines is the Go-Go travel scooter. These scooters start with the basic model at under $800 and cost as much as $1300 on sale, online. Other models include: Revo, Celebrity, Legend, Sonic, Sundancer, Victory, Maxima and Rally.

About Pride mobility scooter models

Celebrity - Fully loaded with innovative standard features like Pride's exclusive, infinitely adjustable tiller with auto-leveling console that features a state-of-the-art lighted touch pad and full digital controls. In addition, the Pride's mobility scooter offers a "soft-ride" full suspension system, a pneumatically adjustable seat post, and full lighting package. With these features and more, the Celebrity mobility scooter offers unmatched convenience and performance. Plus, the Pride Celebrity's striking new design makes it as stylish as it is practical and high performing. The Celebrity sets the bench mark for what a 21st century mobility scooter should be. 3-wheel

Legend - Combines the latest style and performance technology at a great value. Standard features include a top speed of up to 5.75 mph, 350 lbs. maximum weight capacity and an easy lock-up system for quick disassembly. Plus, the new lower dual-bulb headlight offers excellent pathway illumination. The Legend's sleek styling and advanced features will have you turning heads every time you turn a corner. 4-wheel

Sonic - Offers true innovation in the realm of ultra-light, transportable scooters. It is easily disassembled for storage in even the smallest car trunks and, in use, is perfect for navigating through crowded stores and maneuvering in tight hallways. With the Sonic, you'll have a scooter that, like you, is ready for fun at a moment's notice. Maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. 3-wheel scooter

Go-Go Travel Vehicle - Takes easy transportability to a whole new level! It quickly and conveniently disassembles and the heaviest piece weights only 29.5 lbs., so feel free to take it anywhere even without a lift! The Go-Go combines an ultra-compact size with impressive standard features: Easy-to-remove battery pack, flat-free tires, an easily adjustable tiller, a 4-position seat, a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs., and a top speed of 4 mph! Pride's Go-Go scooter is truly a must-have for those who are looking for easy transport and exceptional tight-space maneuverability. Plus, with its super low price, the Go-Go delivers something even more impressive… tremendous overall value. 3-wheel or 4-wheel available.

Sundancer - Contemporary styling and superb performance complement one another perfectly in this nimble Pride luxury scooter, giving you the power, range, features and comfort that you demand to accomplish your daily activities. Don't let its small size fool you-the Sundancer is up to your challenges. 3-wheel. 300 lb wt capacity

Victory - An ideal balance of hot style, solid performance and exceptional value. focus that provides you with a truly fun-loving scooter equipped standard with loads of luxury features at an affordable price. 3-Wheel

Rally - Convenient standard features including front basket and head lights. An excellent combination of comfort, value and performance. 4- Wheel

Revo - Offers sleek style, outstanding performance and true portability at a super low price. This mobility scooter fits in most car trunks, so you can take it anywhere. With a turning radius of only 38" it is excellent for indoor use. Available in two brilliant colors. 3-Wheel

Maxima - Combines outstanding performance and elegant styling together with rugged construction for an increased weight capacity of up to 450 lbs! With a list of standard features like an easily adjustable tiller, fully directional light package, 22" wide medium-back seat, 7-piece disassembly, front anti-tip wheels, ultra heavy-duty drive train, NF-22 battery capacity and enhanced rear suspension -- the Pride Maxima provides heavy-duty brawn with all the convenience and comfort of a luxury scooter. 3-Wheel

Victory XL - Delivers powerful outdoor performance and sleek styling, combined with truly innovative standard features - making it one of the finest scooters available. The Pride Victory XL offers a top speed of up to 5.8 mph, full front and rear dynamic suspension, and comes standard with a convenient on-board battery charger as well as a full lighting package that includes a new, angle adjustable lower headlight, positioned for better pathway illumination. The Pride Victory XL will provide you with truly incredible power, comfort, stability and years of enjoyment at a very attractive price.


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