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Use Modular Wheelchair Ramps for Entryway Access!

Modularly designed wheelchair ramps can provide for easy assembly and repair as well as offering a flexible arrangement that can in most cases, be easily expanded, reconfigured or moved. For homes, classrooms, offices and such, modular wheelchair ramps allow for sturdy and safe accessibility to and from building structures. Choices available for modular ramp design include: concrete deck, galvanized steel, aluminum and wood ramps.

For home access, the two most popular wheelchair ramp materials used are: aluminum and wood. While a modularly designed wood one is a nice choice aesthetically; time, labor and materials for installation make it often a more costly approach. However, if you are interested in having a modular ramp built, a good place to start is with ramp plans providing you with the actual ramp designs and blueprints.

As for aluminum modular wheel chair ramps, EZ Access makes affordable, easy to install ramps that are perfect when you find your accessibility has gone beyond the scope of portable ramps. Wheelchair designed ramps by EZ access can be bought online. This company offers quality residential and light commercial use aluminum ramps that are ADA compliant, and can be installed without a permit.

Some advantages of modular ramps:

  • Look and feel permanent
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Can buy online
  • Have resale value
  • Can expand, reconfigure, move

For more information about access ramps, please click on the link.


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