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Mobility Scooters: Review

If you find walking a short/long distance or even up hills to be difficult for you, than you may want to look into buying a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are available in 3 wheel, 4 wheel, travel, heavy duty and folding. Prices for each type vary, but travel scooters are generally the least expensive, starting at about $580. Prices for a 3 wheel mobility scooter ranges from $1000 to $2699. For a 4 wheel one prices range from $1099 to $3999. Which scooter to buy? There are a number of manufacturers to choose from. The most popular are Pride and Golden. Other brands include: Drive Medical, PaceSaver, EV Rider, Invacare, Guradian, Zip'r Mobility and ActiveCare. And, good news! Learning to operate a one isn't difficult, and there is no special license needed.

Mobility Scooters Available on Amazon

Selection Includes:
Pride Mobility, Zip'r Zipr, GoGo Elite
Shoprider, and more.

Prices start at: $539

Questions to consider:

Will the scooter be used mainly indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what type of terrain? How far do you need to travel (mileage)? Do you need to transport your scooter with your car or van?

Types of Mobility Scooters:

Below you will find the various types of medical scooters on the market defined mostly by function. However, most manufacturers also design with lifestyle in mind. If style and accessories are important consider one of the many Pride Mobility Scooters. You will find basic models and travel ones that look like mini-golf carts. Typical colors include blue and red and all Pride scooters come with front baskets and side arms. Regardless of the scooter you buy, you should be able to customize it to some extent. (Some more so than others) Customization includes adding accessories like: an additional battery pack, oxygen tank holder, scooter cover, sun canopies and cup holders.

(1) Travel scooter

These mobility scooters are easy to transport and are perfect for the mobile person who likes to travel. What makes these scooters unique is that they are designed to be portable, lightweight and to be easy to disassemble into smaller parts. Once disassembled they can be lifted and fit into the trunk of most cars. How far do they go on a charged battery? Standard travel scooters can go approximately 10 miles per charge. usually the heaviest piece weighs no more than 29 lbs.

  • Airline safe? Often yes, but it important to check with the airline first.
  • Options: 3 or 4 wheel travel scooters.
  • Price range - 3 wheel travel scooter $589 to $2079
  • Price range - 4 wheel travel scooter $689 to $1599

(2) 3 wheel mobility scooter

3 wheel mobility scooters offer very good maneuverability and are an excellent choice if you need to use one both inside and outside your home. These are larger machines than the travel models above, and often can hold 300 - 500 pounds.

If you are traveling by automobile with a 3 wheel scooters, you'll need a scooter lift or carrier for your vehicle. Also, for your home and outdoor use, you may find several types of portable ramps useful.

Price range - $1000 to $2699

(3) 4 wheel mobility scooter

This is the most stable type of mobility scooter on the market. It is also the best scooter choice if you are looking for one, primarily for outdoor use. These scooters are designed to be stable and durable. The downside though is that they generally don't have great turning radius, so tight maneuvers are harder.

Some of the larger 4 wheel models offer higher ground clearance and use more rugged tires for tough terrain. These models also tend to be the fastest (up to 10 mph) and have the longest battery range (up to 25 miles). However, this is not a good choice for indoor use especially because of the poor turning radius. To transport this scooter in the car you will need either a lift or carrier.

Price range - $1099 to $3999

(4) Folding scooter

These scooters offer either a unique collapsible or disassembling frame. They are designed to be able to be folded or disassmbled quickly and easily. A good brand is EV Rider.

(5) Heavy duty scooter

These are bariatric scooters and are designed for individuals who weigh over 300 pounds. You can find heavy duty scooters that can carry 500 pounds.

Will medicare cover your scooter?

If you have Medicare coverage and qualify, Medicare will likely reimburse you up to 80% of the cost of the approved power scooter.

If financing is a problem, take a look at the Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Program. This program helps people with disabilities to qualify for and receive low cost loans.

Scooter Specifications:

To find the best scooter first figure out how you will use it. Here are some key specification examples. Learn which specifications are important, and how they vary within your "type" (see below) of mobility scooter:

  • Weight capacity- Based on maximum weight. Heavy duty scooters
  • are designed to carry individuals 300 to 500 pounds
  • Maximum speed - How fast? Sometimes speed is an important criteria
  • Ground clearance - This is Important for uneven terrain
  • Turning radius - Remember, tight turns are especially important indoors
  • Overall length and width - Full size or small size can make a difference
  • Motor - Know how much power- hp. This is especially important outside
  • Tires - pneumatic
  • Drive train - Does the scooter have front or wheel wheel drive?
  • Anti-tips - Wheels are included as part of the frame. They help to support and stabilize the scooter
  • Standard seating -Captain seating or foldable
  • Battery charger - Off-board and on-board charging capabilities
  • Battery requirements - Tells how many you need and what type
  • Battery weight - Total weight of battery or batteries
  • Weight without batteries - Tells how much the scooter weighs without batteries
  • Heaviest piece - Important to know for disassembly and weight information
  • Maximum incline rating - Important when travelling outdoors, especially up-hill

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