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Manual wheelchairs - Types, brands, models and accessories!

Opting for lifestyle choices and disability needs, manual wheelchairs range in design and price range to suit the user. From lightweight wheelchairs to foldable chairs that can be tucked away behind the van seat for convenient transport, there are many manual wheelchair types and styles. Take a look at the manual wheelchair options below. Brands such as: Invacare, Guardian, Quickie, and Tilite and more offer:

  • Sports chairs - handcycles, racers and courtchairs
  • Heavy duty - Durable
  • Lightweight- 26 to 38 pounds
  • Ultralightweight -17 pounds and up
  • Standard
  • Transport
  • Tilt
  • Pediatric
  • Recliner

While many of the above manually driven chairs come with customization options, you may want to add an accessory or two.

Wheelchair Accessories:

Wheelchair accessories such as: gloves, handrims and tires can provide you with smooth mobility where cushion covers wheelchair canopies or covers can protect your seating or chair. Some other items include: packs, pouches holders, batteries and caster forks.

Unfortunately, Medicare usually will not pay for a purchased manual chai, with the exception of certain heavy duty wheelchairs such as Wheelchairs of Kansas and ultra-lightweight chairs. Otherwise, wheelchair rental is generally the way to go to gain some Medicare reimbursement. For this you will need to go through a local dealer. To find a dealer near you, take a look in the yellow pages under "Durable Medical Supplies".

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