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Lightweight wheelchairs - Manual wheelchairs for portability

Designed to be light and portable manual lightweight wheelchairs offer many options for the user. Brands such as Invacare, Guardian and Quickie make lightweight manual wheelchairs weighing from about 27 to 38 pounds.

With technological advances, there are also ultra-lightweight wheelchairs available. These are designed as folding, rigid and titanium chairs such as, Tilite, weighing as little as 17 pounds.

Customizing your chair

With the wheelchair user in mind, a lightweight wheelchair can be customized for specific needs and requirements. No matter where you buy your chair, online or at a dealer, you will more than likely need to have it modified to your needs.

Wheelchair customization can include choosing: seat width, type of arm handles, foot rest, casters, hand rim, tires, axel assembly, back rest, back pack and more.

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