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Lifting Cushions get you back on your feet

What is a lifting cushion? It is a lightweight pad that you place on top of your chair to give you a powered lift up from your seat: no assistance required. Cushions for lifting are extremely useful, especially for those suffering from loss of lower body strength, arthritis, or conditions making standing up difficult.

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Electric vs. Self-Powered Cushions

Basically, there are two types of lift cushions: electric, and self-powered. Electric ones need to be plugged in and can lift 100% of your weight. self-powered cushions need no electricity and can lift about 80% of your weight.

This means that the self-powering chair lift pad will require you to do a little work. However, self powered lifts are portable, making them very useful for those using wheelchairs and scooters.

Uplift vs UPEASY

As far as brands go, there are two major contenders: Uplift and UPEASY. Both offer pretty much the same thing; however, one or two differences do exist. One being that the Uplift uses memory foam, which molds itself to your body, providing a more comfortable cushion. UPEASY's lift uses standard foam and is less comfortable. Yet for price, UpEASY is the more affordable purchase.

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