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Lift Chairs Review

Being able to rely on a chair that can easily lift you to the standing position, means you no longer need to worry about NOT getting up! Not only are electric lift chairs designed to help lift you from a seated or fully reclined position, they are also designed with comfort in mind and are great for relaxing and napping, (think Lazy Boy! )

If you are looking to buy, take a look at 2-top manufacturers: Pride and Golden Technologies. Each one of these manufacturers designs a complete line of power- lift armchairs and recliners. Some are built oversized, like the Lazy Boy, others are built with European styling. For a beautiful lift chair, Uplift Technologies has designed the Risedale Classic Wing Lift Chair (see best style lift chair below). A favorite for those who want a discrete, slim and stylish chair - without the reclining feature.

Find Lift Chairs on Amazon

2-3 and Infinite position lift chairs
Popular Brands - Pride, Golden, Easy Comfort, Uplift Technologies

Priced from: $481.95

BEST VALUE recliner lift chair:


BEST STYLING lift chair:

2) Leather Lift Chair

Lifting chairs are available in:

  • 2-position ($)- reclines back to about 55 degrees
  • 3-position($$) - goes almost flat for sleeping or napping
  • Infinite position ($$$) - back and leg rest act independently with almost limitless positioning, aka: sleep recliner

Accessories include: (*additional costs)

  • heat and massage
  • lumbar and head pillows
  • side pocket with hand controls
  • fabric/upholstery selections

Review - Pride Lift Chair:

Pride makes several chair lift lines to accommodate various budgets and needs. You can choose a recliner from either: Classic, Heritage, Elegance or the Specialty Collection. Each collection features chairs that can be easily integrated with your home décor and furnishing. Also, Pride's lifting chairs come with extensive warranties.

  • Classic collection - ($) This new line (formerly Casual Line) delivers superb value and comfort with features that include innovative arm design and overstuffed fiber-filled backs. In addition, these quiet lifting chairs feature patented quiet and smooth operation with stylish European design to complement home furnishing.
  • Heritage collection -($$) This collection (formerly Gentle Line) features chairs that are affordable as well as comfortable. Recliners are designed to specifically suit people who are petite to small and large to extra-large.
  • Elegance collection -($$$) This collection (formerly Luxury Line) is designed to be the ultimate in comfort, style and performance. Each chair features a state-of-the-art lift system that can recline you further back than other lift recliners on the market. Chairs are made with a stylish choice of deluxe fabrics, including leather. Line includes: soft foam seats, pillow backs and plush overstuffed arms.
  • Specialty collection -($$$) This collection includes lift chairs with special features; for example, the GL310 is a 3 position chair with wooden arms; the wall hugger LL805, need only be 4" from the wall compared to the typical 20" to 26" required for all other lift chairs.

Review - Golden Technologies:

Golden technologies, offers 3 distinct Lines: Comfort, Signature and Value Series.

  • Comfort Series - Designed with a contemporary look, you can choose the appropriate size for your comfort. Built with plush chaise lounge padding, this 3 position recliner features: a lifetime warranty and battery backup, heat and massage, and your choice of 36 fabrics for individual styling. MSRP: $1100 to $1500.
  • Signature Series - Chairs are top of the line, made with deluxe fabric, soft foam seats with soft fiber back and plush overstuffed arms. The model Golden Regal features flip-open armrests for convenient storage. A fold up tray can be added.
  • Value series - Designed with unmatched comfort, style and craftsmanship. These recliners are noted for traditional styling and firm foam seats.
  • Maxicomfort Series - New! Infinite postion zero gravity chair. Relieves pressure on the spine and increases circulation.
  • Traditional Series - Weight capacity of 375 pounds. 7 fabric choices available.

Other manufacturers that make lift chairs include:

Catnapper, Med-lift, Healioheath, Nex Chair (faux/synthetic leather recliners), Easy Comfort, Drive Medical (heavy duty bariatric), Franklin and Berkline.

Information about Buying a Lift Chair:

If you live in an isolated location, you'll probably be better off buying your chair from a local dealer because a local dealer can likely offer you a home service plan or service contract, and they can make necessary repairs, or replace parts over the years if your lift chair has problems. If you are shopping online, take the time to compare reputable dealers and look at their: guarantee, service plans and price.

Types of Lift Chairs Available:

A good lift chair is one that suits the needs of the user. That said, there are many types of lift chairs available. Here are a few:

Heavy Duty or Bariatric - These include those that are designed to be heavy duty to support heavier users. Sometimes referred to as bariatric, these chairs can carry a weight capacity of over 350 pounds and up to 700 pounds, depending on the model.

Wall Huggers - There are also chairs that take into consideration size and space. If you are a smaller person, you might look for a petite lift chair; likewise, if your space is limited wall hugging chairs that need not be farther than 4 to 6 inches from the wall (Typically these are 2 or 3 position recliners).

Zero Gravity - When you are in this type of lift recliner's "zero gravity" position, spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved and circulation is improved.

Crypton - This is a luxurious and stylish type of fabric/upholstery that is stain, spill and bacteria resistant. It cleans easily and has an integrated moisture barrier that keeps cushions dry and clean. Good for incontinence.


*A less expensive option is to buy a lifting cushion.


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