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Leather Lift Chair - Find Out What's Available

If you are looking to buy a leather lift chair there are several fabric/upholsteries to consider including: top full grain leather, faux leather, and leather mixtures. Keep in mind that most of the lift chair manufacturers are using "ultraleather," which is not a genuine leather but a polyurethane fabric that has "stay clean" and other benefits not found in true leather. Also used at times is "bonded leather" which is a leather mixture, offering a leather-like look, but again not a true leather. There are also genuine leather lift recliners.

Cost for a leather lift chair

If a leather-type fabric option exists for the type of lift chair you select, expect to pay more. Again, depending upon the type of leather, bonded leather is generally less expensive than ultra leather, and full genuine leather is most expensive; though not widely available except in from a couple of manufacturers. (See Below)

Faux Leather for Golden and Pride Lift Chairs

Pride - Uses "Ultrafabrics" Ultraleather. This is available only for Pride's: Heritage, Elegance and Specialty collection chairs.
How is their's made? 100% polyurethane surface with 100% rayon backing
Golden - Uses "Brisa" Ultra leather... another polyurethane fabric.

What is Ultraleather?

  • It is soft and supple to the touch
  • Easy to cleans with soap and water
  • Stain-resistant
  • Scratch, nick and blemish-resistant
  • Excellent colorfastness
  • Clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather
  • Superior comfort in all climate conditions; stays cooler than leather in warm weather conditions

What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is typically a vinyl upholstery product. It is made from a varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give it the appearance of leather at reduced cost.

Who Makes a Full Grain Leather Lift Chair?

Pride Mobility makes one specifically for usmedicalsupplies.com, so this recliner is only available to buy through them. This particular liftchair though, includes genuine leather only on the chair's seating surface, armrest and headrest.

For a full luxury leather lift chair, take a look at brand: Med-Lift. This manufacturer designs a 100% leather lift recliner including: the seat, entire back, legs, sides, pocket, and pillow. They manufacture two models: (1) 5500 Wall Away, this one is a wall hugger; (2) the 5555 Full Sleeper. The Full Sleeper must be positioned 19 inches from the wall. The Wall hugger is good where space is limited as this can be positioned around 4 inches from the wall.

Top grain leather is typically soft, supple and very comfortable. Most lift chair made from genuine leather offer you a choice of fabric colors.

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