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Home stair lift - Comparison shopping online

Finding a home stair lift that will accommodate your mobility needs, the shape of your staircase, and budget are factors to begin your search. There are many stair lift manufacturers that design and manufacture lifts. Online you can compare products, finding the best lift choices for your home stairs.

With a range of products you can shop for home stair lifts:

  • For Curved staircases
  • Electric power
  • Battery power
  • Used

While there are many stair lifts to choose from, one may be best suited to your needs. For example, you'd like to put a chair lift and rail system to run along your outside staircase. So, compare Acorn, a manufacturer that specializes in outdoor stairlifts with others that offer an outdoor system.

If you are looking for a straight stair lift for an inside home staircase, compare Ameriglide, a very affordable quality lift with others, such as Bruno, Access and Summit.

For custom designs, such as complicated home curved rail lifts, a highly detailed on-site survey, prior to order is needed. These can take up to 3 months to be built and delivered. It is neither practical nor advisable to self-install this type of stair lift. Compare your options.

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