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The Comfort of a Golden Rest Adjustable Bed

A Golden Rest adjustable bed fits many needs for different types of people looking for a good night's sleep. Whether you are elderly, suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis or poor circulation, having a bed that allows you to raise or lower the head or foot portions to any level means finally having comfortable rest. Add in a massage feature and you can see this might just be the best night of sleep you've had in years.


One of the first things one looks for in a bed is comfort. The Golden Rest adjustable bed makes comfort it's number one priority. It's mattress is made of Visco memory foam. This is specifically designed to ease a tired back.

Not only does this Golden rest bed have a nice mattress, but it also has dual wave motion massage. Imagine laying in bed, drifting off to sleep while your bed gently massages your back.

Special Needs

The Golden Rest is a great alternative to purchasing a hospital bed. There are many people who need to ease of an adjustable bed to move. This bed gives those people the satisfaction of owning a standard bed with hospital bed features. One of the main features of the Golden Rest is the lower capability. This bed can lower 15 inches from the floor. This makes it very easy for people in wheelchairs to transfer to the bed, or visa versa.

Even though the Golden rest adjustable bed is a large purchase, it is well worth the money. The Golden rest adjustable bed encourages independence while providing the utmost comfort.

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About the Author:

Kathryn Scott is a contributing author to http://www.wheelchair-ramps-and-mobility-aids.com a comprehensive guide to the mobility products available online, helping you to overcome disabilities and live a more active life.


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