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EZ Access Portable Ramps - 3 most popular choices!

Below are three of the most popular EZ Access portable ramps. With lightweight designs and foldablilty or collapsability, these mobility ramps can be stored in the closet or trunk of car when not in use. Designed to create smooth transitioning, mobile scooters and wheelchair users can use them for curbs, steps, minivans and more. Take a look at the EZ Access portable ramp choices available.

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Threshold, Folding, Suitcase and More
Various lengths available

Prices start at $99

EZ Access Suitcase Portable Ramps

Available in 2', 3', 4', 5', & 6'

Popular ramp! To use, simply unfold the hinged ramp and position for maximum safety and support. Easy to transport and sets-up in seconds. Features a built-in carrying handle and folds in half lengthwise to be carried like a suitcase when not in use. Built-in no-skid driving surface. Also, available in pediatric sizes. Ideal for steps, curbs, and minivans. 600 pound weight capacity

EZ Access Portable Track Wheelchair Ramps

Available in 7', & 10'

Two telescopic channel ramps each extend to provide instant access when a permanent ramp is not feasible. Great for home or travel and indoor or outdoor use. For storage, simply depress the guide buttons to collapse, then store ramp in closet or trunk of car when not in use. Designed for manual and power chairs. The 5' ramp holds up to 350 pounds, and has a usuable width of 4 ½". The 7' & 10' ramps feature a 600 pound weight capacity and a usuable width of 6 ½". Features high-traction non-skid tape on ramp surface. Sold in pairs. Ideal for curbs, steps, minivans & some full-size vans.

EZ Access Trifold Wheelchair Ramps

Available in 5', 6', 7', 8' & 10'

With its unique 3-fold design, the TRIFOLD ramp is the most compact full-width ramp available in its weight class. Engineered for lightweight portability and features high traction non-skid tape on the ramp surface. Folds for transport and has a built-in carrying handle. Great for indoor/outdoor use and is ideal for steps, curbs, minivans, and some full-size vans. Features high traction non-skid tape on the ramp surface and a built-in carrying handle. 29" wide. 700 pound weight capacity.

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