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Electric Wheelchairs - Review your options with Pride Jazzy, Invacare and other Leading Brands

If you are facing a long term disability and are just beginning to sort through the many styles, brands, shapes and sizes of electric wheelchairs on the market today, how do you find what's right for you? Although the task may at first seem daunting, here are suggestions to get you started.

Electric wheelchair Primer:

  • 1) Discuss your wheelchair choices with an occupational or physical therapist:
    Discussing your choices with an occupational or physical therapistis a good way to get recommendations or to be put you in touch with others who have recently purchased the power chair you are considering.

  • 2) Determine your needs:
    --What is the primary function of your chair?
    --Is it mainly for indoor use?
    --If you plan to travel out of the house, how far do you need to go?
    --Do you have assistance, or are you on your own?

  • 3) Determine your budget:
    budget will help you to determine which wheelchair best suits your needs. Prices range from $1500 - $7500. If Medicare is your primary insurance carrier they may cover up to 80% of the costs (with your doctor's approval). If you are using another insurance company, you'll need to check with them.
  • 4) Electric wheelchair review:
    Once you have determined your budget and needs, start reviewing the different brands. Here are several leading wheelchair manufacturers that offer great quality:
  • Pride
  • Invacare
  • Jazzy
  • Permobil
  • Golden Technologies
  • Teftec

About the Drive Train - Front, Rear and Mid-Wheel Drive:

Power chairs come in different drive choices, and choosing one over the other depends on your needs.

Rear-wheel drive chairs are the most common. These wheelchairs are known to travel at the fastest-speeds and are the best choice if you need to get up a steep hill.

Front-wheel drive offers the best maneuverability, however, they run at a lower speed than rear-wheel drive models.

Mid-wheel drive also provides a tight turning maneuverability, but can sometimes be a little unsteady during starting and stopping.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs:

Whether you are looking for a wheelchair that is lightweight or one that offers you extra-suspension and stability for outdoor use, there are many kinds from which to choose.

Take, for example, your need to have a wheel chair that is portable - or one that can navigate tight spaces - or narrow doorways. In this case, a lightweight wheelchair will probably be a good fit. Many of these models weigh less than 100 pounds and can be partially disassembled to fit in your car trunk.

Other power chairs, such as the powerbase chairs offer extra suspension for outdoor terrain use. A powerbase chair with a low center of gravity can make the ride more stable and smooth.

Chairs built with larger wheels, motors and batteries are a good choice if your lifestyle calls for driving long distances with your chair.

However, keep in mind that for the larger powerchairs, you will likely need a van outfitted with a lift or a ramp to transport your chair.

Where to buy:

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