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Electric Mobility Scooter - How to Drive and Charge One?

Do you want to know how electric mobility scooters work or how frequently you'll need to charge the battery? Well hopefully this short article will help! Basically driving an electrically operated mobility scooters is a lot like riding a bike; at least as far as the moving handlebars go.

With a wide range of disability scooters available, you can go shopping online and spend as little as $595, especially with a good discount off from the list price. If you have Medicare coverage and qualify, Medicare will likely reimburse you up to 80% of the cost of the approved power scooter.

How to drive one?

Mobility scooters 'go' or 'drive' by pushing a small lever. You steer an electric mobility scooter in the same way you would a bike: move the handlebars in the direction you wish to proceed. The handlebars and instruments are incorporated into a unit called the tiller. For simplicity reasons, the tiller is adjustable and can be adjusted to fit your height and arm length. You can stop your scooter by doing nothing.

How often to charge batteries?

Mobility scooters need regular charging, so you must have access to electricity. If you are charging the scooter outside, provide extra safety with a plug-in circuit breaker. As for storage: scooters should be stored in a dry location. Inside a garage or house is ideal, although they can also be stored outside by using waterproof cover.

It is extremely easy to charge most scooters, just plug in your scooter using the mains plug provided. There are some which allow you to charge-up the batteries without them being fitted into the scooter. Check out the charging needs before buying. Some models can go 30 miles on a charge.

Charging Unit

For a fast charger, good for most modern electric scooters and wheelchairs, buy a small compact charging unit that is fitted with the popular 3 pin charging plug. The LED display will tell you when the battery is fully charged: no more guessing required! Note: This charger is suitable for charging batteries from 7Ah to 50Ah capacity.

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