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Build a ramp - Use wheelchair ramp plans and hire a builder!

Very often in order to gain wheelchair accessibility to your home or to the entrance of a school, office or building, a ramp is required. While portable ramps can only do so much; more permanent and semi permanent ramps create safety and provide sturdy access into a building. If you would like to build a ramp there are several approaches to getting started.

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Building a wood wheelchair ramp

While you don't physically need to build wheelchair ramp yourself as you can hire a builder or carpenter to do so; you may want to provide your builder with a set of modular wheelchair ramp plans. Why? The builder probably won't know the guidelines for ramp construction; unless you hire a disability service contractor.

To get your hands on these plans visit: www.chairramp.org. Here you will find instructions about building wheel chair ramps for home accessibility. There are some things you will need to look into before you start building your access ramp, in particular: are there local building codes you must follow? Do you need to get a permit to begin constructing your ramp? Check with the building code office in your community.

For more information about handicap ramp construction, please click on the link.

Accessible Home Design: Architectural Solutions for the Wheelchair User (Paperback)

Accessible home projects have always involved intricate planning and design, but their construction is often compromised because builders are unfamiliar with the specialized concepts and techniques. The need for expert information on this area of design is critical, and in response, PVA offers this revised and expanded second edition of Accessible Home Design.


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