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Articles of Interest

Adjustable Beds:

Adjustable bed mattresses - Choose for comfort and support!
Finding the right adjustable bed mattresses and then narrowing down your selection is a good place to start.

Electric beds - Finding quality home care beds!
Electric style beds that adjust into countless positions, deeply easing the body's muscles is something that a conventional bed can't offer.

Mattress Genie adjustable bed
For only a fraction of the price of an electric adjustable bed, the Mattress
Genie offers some good night sleep comfort.

The Comfort of a Golden Rest Adjustable Bed
The Golden Rest bed has many features that benefit its sleeper.

Information about Air adjustable beds
Many people favor, air, over coils and springs, finding that these mattresses provide more comfort.

Electric Wheelchairs:

Electric indoor wheelchairs - Go with a mid-wheel drive!
The main considerations when selecting a power chair for indoor use are maneuverability and physical size.

Power chairs - Why shop online?
If you are looking for a compete selection of power chairs online such as Quickie power wheel chairs, Jazzy wheelchair and other power chair brands, we recommend taking a look at Spinlife.com.

Jazzy wheelchair - Enjoy Pride Jazzy's bells and whistles!
The Jazzy series is one of Pride's most popular selling power chair lines and with 10 Jazzy wheelchair models available, the range of offerings can suit many wheelchair mobility users' needs.

Lightweight wheelchairs - Manual wheelchairs for portability
Designed to be light for portability manual lightweight wheelchairs offer many options for the user.

Wheelchair rental - What options exist?
Due to the reimbursement restrictions from Medicare when it comes to buying a standard or manual wheelchair you must begin the process first by renting your wheelchair from a dealer.

Manual wheelchairs - Types, brands, models and accessories!
Opting for lifestyle choices and disability needs, manual wheelchairs range in design and price range to suit the user.

Wheelchair Accessories - 3 handy choices!
There are many types of wheelchair accessories on the market today designed to make your life easier. Here are three!

Wheelchair Batteries - Choosing The Best Type
Wheelchair Batteries are a very important item for your wheelchair. And finding the right battery is crucial to the performance of the wheelchair.

Creating Wheelchair Access In Your Home
There are many ways to create wheelchair access in your home.

Wheelchair Backpacks - Also known as SeatBack Bags
Depending on your range of motion and abilities, you'll be able to find a wheelchair backpack to suit your needs.

Disability Insurance

Purchasing Disability Insurance - What You Need to Know!
You have decided that it's in your best interest to purchase disability insurance. What is your next, and probably most important, step?

Lifts: Stairlifts and Wheelchair Lifts

Handicap lifts - What are they?
There are many mobility products designed to make life easier for people with physical disabilities and on many different levels.

Stairway lift - Safety on the stairs!
Stairlift manufacturers such as Acorn, Ameriglide, Bruno, Summit and a few others are the brands to consider when looking for a home stairway lift.

Home stair lift - Comparison shopping online
Finding a home stair lift that will accommodate your mobility needs, the shape of your staircase, and budget are factors to begin your search.

Chair lift - Cable drive versus rack and pinion stairlifts
Just like any product - people are bound to have favorites and reasons why one item is better than the other.

Electric stair lifts - What you need to know
There are many good quality electric stair lifts, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Stairlift - How they work
Stairlift manufacturers such as Acorn, Ameriglide, Bruno, Summit and a few others are the brands to consider when looking for a home stair lift.

Home lift - Access choices to keep you mobile!
Many manufacturers can satisfy the need for mobility transportation in or outside of your home.

Information about buying a used stair lift
As with many mobility products there is a second hand market which makes it less expensive than buying a piece of equipment new.

A stair chair lift can make it possible to keep living at home
With an aging population and many looking to remain at home technology can provide many solutions.

Ameriglide Stair Lifts help maintain your independence
Ameriglide stair lifts give those who suffer from the loss of mobility more freedom to care for themselves.

Acorn Stair Lift - Opening Up A World Of Mobility
An Acorn stair lift can be an essential daily living aid providing you with needed assistance in getting up and down stairs.


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