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Information about Air adjustable beds

Many people favor, air, over coils and springs, finding that these mattresses provide more comfort. Air adjustable beds allow the user to control how firm or soft the mattress will be, giving greater control to the user. For couples, it makes sense to look for an adjustable air bed with independent chambers as the independent chambers allow individual comfort. (Each side can be adjusted independently)

Adjustable bed frame with an air mattress

There are adjustable bed manufacturers that sell air mattresses to be used in conjunction with their bed frames. An example of this is Select Comfort, which is an online store only, and sells different types of mattresses including: memory foam, latex and air.

Selecting an adjustable frame (most frames made by Leggett and Platt) allows one to elevate the legs and head into countless positions to maximize health and comfort.

Reasons for choosing an adjustable air bed:

  • adjusts to your body and conforms to the pressure points on your hips, legs, back and neck
  • You can choose your overall firmness or softness of the air chamber thus allowing you to create the ideal sleep surface
  • lasts longer than traditional spring mattresses because there are no springs to wear out or bend over time

Something different:

SAT mattress (self adjusting technology) -This air mattress doesn't use pumps, motors, or electricity. Mattress contains 9 individual air bladders per person, (eg: 18 bladders in total within a queen size bed.) This mattress is worth looking into, it has been clinically recognized to provide: ergonomic support, zero pressure points, reduce skin temperature, efficient blood circulation, and deep REM sleep.

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