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How to Select Adjustable Bed Mattresses

No matter what the best mattress is touted as being, if you don't find the mattress comfortable, don't buy it! If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed, many brands have a selection of mattress options. For example, you can choose from memory foam, latex, spring, and in some cases medical foam and air.

However, if you have never bought an adjustable bed or gone mattress shopping you may have no idea what the various mattresses feel like. To find out what you like go to a sleep store like, start by experiencing the feel of the different mattress choices. See which one is most comfortable. Do you like the support of latex or the cradling comfort of memory foam?

As you know, there are many sizes of adjustable beds to choose from: twin, double, queen and king. These beds offer many positions and make it possible to take pressure off your back, neck, arms, and legs. However, it is not the bed but the mattress you are laying down on. To get the best night sleep, consider from the choices below which adjustable bed mattress is most comfortable for you.

Adjusting your bed, loving your mattress

Latex - These mattresses boast a number of advantages over conventional ones: 1. Provide better support for back by naturally conforming to every curve and contour. 2. Latex breathes keeping the mattress warm in the winter, cool in the summer. 3. Hypo-allergenic, offers dust mite resistance as well as being anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. (Note: there are synthetic and natural latex mattresses. Determine which one you prefer before buying.)

Memory Foam - Scientifically designed to mold to the contour of your body, these mattresses were originally created for astronauts. These pads cradle you with comfort and relieve pressure from back, neck and shoulders.

Spring - If the inner spring coils are flexible, you can be ready to adjust to greatcomfort and support in bed. Flexible springs are great and allow the bedding to contour to your body.

Air - Allows the user to control how firm or soft the mattress will be, giving greater control to the user.

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