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Mobility Aids - Keep Your Life Moving

Thanks to great advances in technology many mobility products are available to make daily life easier for those living with a mobility handicap or difficulty.

If you or someone you know is:

  • disabled
  • has a hard time physically getting out of bed
  • needs assistance getting up from the chair

mobility aids can work wonders. Designed to help keep you moving, mobility products include: comfortable home recliners designed to lift you to the standing position, electric scooters and wheelchairs and stair lifts that help get you up and down home staircases.

Staying independent

Mobility assistance products and equipment offer great value, making it possible for you to stay independent and carry on with your life. Designed to aid you where you need it, mobility aid products can make travel through your home safer and manageable.

Consider the aid of a stair lift. These installed units are electrically or battery operated and run along-side a set of stairs. If the stairs are outside your home, or indoors, there's a solution to helping you go up or down a flight safely.

Mobility scooters along with manual and electric wheelchairs are important pieces of equipment to keep you going. Depending upon your needs, a variety of styles, types, sizes and accessories are available. These machines offer you the ability to be mobile inside and outside the house. Some models are designed to be lightweight for easy portability others are designed to be sturdy for handling rugged terrain.

In addition, products like handicap vans, wheel chair /scooter lifts along with many types of portable ramps, make it possible to get around, doing what you want to do.

In the home, comfort and mobility go hand in hand. Adjustable beds, lift chairs and lifting cushions offer you comfort, but also make it possible for you to get up. In the case of an adjustable bed, many find that adjusting the bed to raise their upper body to the sitting position helps them get out of bed.

A recliner lift chair is designed like a lazy boy and recliners for comfort. These chairs are electrically operated and help lift you from a seated or fully reclined position. Manufacturers such as Pride and Golden Technologies make some of the best chair lift aids. With optional features such as massage and heat, and many chair sizes and styles available, these recliners are growing in popularity and are worth checking out!

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Information on Mobility Products

Portable Ramps

2-3 and infinite position lift chairs
Popular Brands - Easy Comfort, Pride, Golden, Uplift Technologies

Priced from: $481.95


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